Installation Instructions
Optional Tools Needed: Ladder, Safety Goggles, Gloves, Tin Snips & Metal Bending Tool
1st • Ensure gutter system is clean and free of debris
• Inspect gutter hangers, ensuring:
   - tightly fastened to fascia and attached to gutter
   - minimum one  hanger every 24 inches
2nd • Install first Diamond Gutter Shield® at beginning of gutter run
• Measure 2 inches from end of Shield
• Cut and remove a notch from front and back edges
• Cut a line 2" long down the center of rib
• Bend remaining 2 inch flap 90 degrees to create an end cap
• See illustrations #6 and 8 for details
3rd • Insert Drip Foot (back edge) of Shield onto gutter hangers
• Ensure Drip Foot engages fully,
 sitting snug to back of gutter
4th • Lower the face of Shield onto the top of the gutter
• Shield should be approximately 1/4" longer than inside face of gutter
• See circled portion of illustration #4
5th • Flex the Shield slightly inward and engage front edge of Shield inside gutter lip
• The flex will create a snug Pressure Fit with gutter lip
• *Option for high wind areas - add 1/4" galvanized screw through punched holes
6th • When installing each additional section, be sure to overlap the notched areas
  completely with previous section
• Overlapping each Shield section keeps debris out and adds support to the completed
  Shield system
7th • Gutter system corners require a butted mitre joint
• Measure from back corner of gutter system to ensure correct length
• Cut a 45 degree angle from the Drip Foot (back of Shield) to the Drip Lip
  (front of Shield), careful not to distort the profile of the Shield
8th • At the termination end of the Shield system, you will need to cut and remove a
  2 inch section of the Shield's face (as in #2)
• Cut a line 2 inch long down the center of rib as shown. Bend these 2 inch sections
  downward at a 90 degree angle as shown to overlap and create a cap to the end
  of the system
Cutting Instructions
cutting steps STEP #1: When cutting Shield sections, start from Drip Foot (back) and cut towards the hook area. Stop cutting before the hook.

STEP #2: Begin second cut on Drip Lip (front edge). Stop cutting when you reach hook area.

STEP #3: Hook area is now the only attached portion. Gently bend this portion back and forth until section separates. This method ensures the hook area maintains its profile and proper function.
*Areas which fall within 50 miles of the coastline are required to use fasteners attached into the Shield's Drip Lip to engage the top of the gutter (as shown in #5 above). Pressure Fit Technology testing has passed independent testing over 75 MPH, or a Low Velocity Hurricane Rating only.