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Pressure-Fit technology makes installing easy - No fasteners needed
Installation Instructions
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Diamond Gutter Shield® Features & Benefits

• Pressure-Fit Design
   -easy to handle & install

• Variable Roofing Applications
   -works with asphalt, tile or metal roofs

• Solid / Expanded Technology
   -patented process & unique design maximizes strength &     performance

• Designed and tested to handle the heaviest rainfall and windshear
   -optimizes drainage, reduces spill over
   -stays in place during severe weather

• High impact powder coat finish
   -reduces scratching and cracking

• Integrated drip lip
   -reduces tiger striping & cleaning

• Available in White & Weatherwood/Brown
   -matches most roof and gutter systems

• Available for 5" and 6" K style gutters
   -fits most commonly used gutter sizes

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